Start typing on feilds below, It will automatically mask the inputs


    Custom Select boxes based on Bootstrap Dropdowns

    Multiple Selects

      Default Tag selector

      Disabled Options

      Limit Selected Options(Set to 5)

      Default Tag selector

      Custom Text Labels

        With Icons


        1. Checkbox


          Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor with code mode

          Super Simple Markdown Editor


          Set Value

          Set Minimum(-10)

        2. Set Maximum(10)

          Set Step(100)


            Use Grid Classes to resize the column sizes.

            Date Picker

            24hr Time Picker

            12hr Time Picker

            Default - hex



              Defaul Input Slidert

              Advanced - Orientation, Min Value, Max Value, Default Value, Increment Step and Slider Selection

              Range Selector

              No Tooltip

              Out put value to a text box

              1. Vertical Slider

                Default with button only

                  Select file Change

                  With remove button

                  Select file Change

                  Image Preview

                  Select image Change Remove

                  Another preview option

                    Select image Change Remove